Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Born Pretty Store Nail Lacquer ~ #051

Born Pretty Store Nail Lacquer ~ #051
Denim blue with green shimmer

This polish is sister to the polish I showed you yesterday, #050. (Click here to see her, in case you missed it!) 
There is a third sister (in fact there are eight sisters but I only bought three of them :D ) – I am probably going to show you the last of the sisters I’ve got tomorrow.

The formula is good and fast drying. It covers well - I used two coats for full and even coverage.

I dapped a bit of magenta and holographic glitter across each nail. I used Icing’s ”Glitterati” for that. It’s an absolutely beautiful glitter topper that I bought in a blog sale years ago. It had evaporated a bit while hibernating in the Helmer but polish thinner solved that problem easily.

The design is from the stamping plate ”Moyra No. 112 Far Far Away” and I stamped with a gorgeous magenta stamping polish from El Corazón called Midnight Tango. It’s one of the most beautiful stamping polishes I have got, and if I was asked to get rid of all my stamping polishes but one, this might be the one I kept.

This is the final manicure photographed in the morning sun.

Born Pretty Store Nail Lacquer ~ #051

I love the mix of glitter and stamping in this manicure.

Born Pretty Store Nail Lacquer ~ #051

Here’s two coats of #051 on its own; no topcoat yet. The shimmer isn’t shy in this polish.

Born Pretty Store Nail Lacquer ~ #051

Here are the polishes and the stamping plate I used. Aren’t they all beautiful?

I love this manicure for several reasons. The mix of glitter and stamping is really beautiful and I love the colour scheme.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: This is a great blue polish and the shimmer is unusual for a blue
Buy again: Yes