Friday, January 4, 2019

Inglot ~ #220

Inglot ~ #220
Metallic sky blue shimmer

Inglot #220 is from the Mamma Mia collection they made a couple of years ago. It’s a beautiful metallic shimmer, a finish that is right up my alley.

The formula is thin but still easy to work with and it builds up in two easy coats. The drying time is pretty good.

I actually tried to stamp on this but it didn’t look good. So I ended up adding glitter instead. I used KBShimmer’s “Candy Cane Crush”, which is a mix of red and white glitter in various sizes and shapes. It’s scented, it has got a peppermint scent to it.

Here’s the final manicure:

Inglot ~ #220

Red, white and blue – such a pretty colour combination.

Inglot ~ #220

Here is Mamma Mia #220 alone; this is two coats and no topcoat. Look how amazingly shiny it is!

Inglot ~ #220
Inglot ~ #220

And here are the two polishes I used today.

I love this. Simple and nice.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Pretty good
Finish: Metallic shimmer
Overall impression: I love the colour, the finish and the shine.
Buy again: Yes

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