Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dance Legend ~ 52

Dance Legend ~ 52
Multichrome that shifts between Red, green, orange, copper…

I think this prettiness has been sitting unnoticed in my box of untrieds for about a year now. Today when I opened the box it insisted on being taken up and at least being tried out – it was its turn now. I agreed with it – it is time to find out if it gets to stay with me, or if it’s off to find a more loving home.

There’s one thing I love about Dance Legend’s duochromes, and that is that they actually work on their own. I love polishes that don’t require black underwear in order to get up and do their stuff.

Two easy coats is what it took and the drying time between the coats was pretty good. Prepare yourself for a true chameleon, girls:

The colour shift is so strong!

You’d think that this picture is of a completely different polish, right? But it isn’t!

Look how shiny it is. There’s not even topcoat on yet.

I topped it with Dance Legend’s holo topcoat, which I’ve read should be amazing. Take a look at what it made my chameleon look like:

Here’s the red side of the polish:

The green side:

One last shot:

I have to apologize for letting the chameleon sit in the box for so long. That was totally unnecessary!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Pretty good
Durability: -
Finish: Multichromatic
Overall impression: This is an amazing colourshifter, I’m seriously impressed!
Buy again: Yes


  1. WOW, this is a gorgeous layering...
    Is it the Top Prismatic or the Steel Panther, nah, it has to be the TP, right?

    1. It's the top Prismatic, I didn't even know there was a Steel Panther...

  2. Love it! I do like the DL iridescent polishes, they work so well and as you say don't need black!

    I've got this Prismatic TC as well but the good old Scottish weather means I can't get any sunny photos - I alway prefer sun photos of holos - they dazzle! I think you manage to capture the holo effect well with your 'flash' photos though :-)

    1. DL makes some seriously good polishes - I love that they don't need something underneath them :)

      We don't have a lot more sun than you do, up here in Denmark, I don't think. I'm lucky to have a good flash :)

  3. Wow! I really need to get a hold on some of those DL duochromes! This one looks amazing and it as a fellow holo lover I really love it with the top coat :D

    1. They're both really good polishes :) and you'll love the DL duochromes, they're great fun! :)