Saturday, August 23, 2014

Darling Diva ~ Angry Beaver & Tickle me Cured

Darling Diva ~ Angry Beaver & Tickle me Cured
A couple more from my grab bag

I have decided to show you all the polishes from the grab bag I bought from Darling Diva recently. I have already showed you ‘Thank you’ and ‘Never Give Up’. Now I’m going to show you two others.

First one is Angry Beaver. I must admit that the name makes me snigger! It’s a sheer purple jelly base with heaps of various glitters and hexes in a brazillion colours. Seriously, there’s so much going on in this polish.

I decided to not show it on its own. I started out with a red shimmer from Golden Rose’s Matte Velvet collection; #106. I love that collection – they’re cool colours and most of them are one coaters.

So, one coat of shimmery red, and then a layer of Angry Beaver diagonally across each nail. I made the stripe of glitter with a dotting tool. Easy peasy!

One layer of topcoat completed the mani, which ended up looking like this:

I actually tried to just apply a layer of Angry Beaver on my thumb, just to see how much the jelly base would actually cover, so take a look at that too.

I think it’ll take at least three coats on its own, maybe even four, so I definitely suggest layering for this glitter.

Here ‘s the sisters in crime:

Cool colours, nicely packed glitter – no need for fishing!

Next one up is Tickle me Cured, which is a deep magenta jelly base packed with white hexes and bars, amongst with a mixture of glitter in other colours, shapes and sizes! I even found a heart in there!

I started out with the same shimmery red Golden Rose I used for the first polish. This time I sponged the tips with the glitter, except for the ring finger, which got a layer on the entire nail. I sealed it up with a layer of topcoat, and here’s what Tickle Me Cured looks like:

There’s sooo much going on in this polish as well, it’s amazing!

If you take a look at my index finger, you can see the heart that I accidentally fished up :D

Here’s a bonus picture of the Golden Rose Matte Velvet I used as the base for both these pretty glitters:

This is probably not the last time I’m going to use this for a glitter gradient. I like it a lot, and the colour is SO me!

Darling Diva sells grab bags with 5 polishes for US$25. You can’t chose which colours you get, so every bag will be a total surprise.  


  1. I prefer the first glitter and I like the GR nail polish :)

  2. I like the Tickle Me cure layering/gradient - and I love the name Angry Beaver :D

  3. That Golden Roe polish is very pretty!! Love the glitter on it as well!

  4. Both these glitters are pretty and they look good on the GR base :-)