Saturday, August 30, 2014

Resinail ~ Tropical Treasure

Resinail ~ Tropical Treat
Light green jelly base and peridot holographic glitter

Today I’m going to show you the last of the three Resinail polishes I have. I have saved the best till last – I love holo glitters!

The formula is good and the glitter spreads out easily. I did stir the polish with the brush a couple of times during application, to make sure it was loaded with glitter. Tropical Treat is a jelly and I don’t like visible nail line, so I used three coats for this mani. The drying time between the coats is relatively fast, so that’s not a worry. I applied a layer of topcoat before I took my pictures.

Here’s three coats and a layer of topcoat taken in the sunshine:

Oh yeah baby… holo glitter… I just love it!

The shine is fantastic and the holo glitter just sparkles and glitters. *happy sigh*

Showing off the holo glitter:

I stamped on it, and this green called for flowers. I found a flower motif on Moyou London’s stamping plate Pro Collection-14 and I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri “Whirlwind White” as my stamping polish. When the motif was on the nails, I made a yellow dot in the middle of each flower with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Lightening”.

Here’s how I wore Tropical Treasure:

I kid you not: I love it!

If you’re into holo glitters like I am, then you need this in your collection. The colour is great and the sparkles amazing. Yes. Just yes. I thank you :)


  1. Lovely :) And with these flowers :)

    1. Thank you, I think this called for flowers :)

  2. What a gorgeous match with the daisies <3
    This polish might be a dupe for China Glaze Sour Apple I think...

    1. Thank you <3 I think this is a tad denser than Sour Apple, but I'll take a closer look for sure :)

  3. This one is nice. I think it looks better with the flowers though :-)

  4. I absolutely love the combination of tropical treat and flowers. Gorgeous!

  5. Stunning manicure with the flowers! <3

  6. Such a pretty green! And I'm so loving the stamping!!! <3