Sunday, February 5, 2017

OPI Fiji collection Swatches OPI Spring/Summer 2017

I don't swatch an entire collection very often, but a friend and I decided to buy the entire OPI Fiji collection and share the polishes after I had swatched them.
Here's the bunch:
OPI Fiji collection - Spring/Summer 2017

I swatched the lightest colours first - just in case that some of the darker colours would stain my cuticles :D 

Please note that I'm wearing a layer of topcoat on all of my swatches.

First one up is Coconuts over OPI:

Coconuts over OPI, 2 coats

A soft creamy taupe. Easy application, covered in two coats. It's not my colour but I can see that I could actually wear this if I wanted to.

Moving on to Suzi without a Paddle:

Suzi without a Paddle, 2 coats

It's a pale blue creme. I used two coats for this mani, but I should have used three. It's streaky so you don't want to put too big a pressure on that brush when you apply. 

Polly want a Lacquer?:

Polly want a Lacquer?, 2 coats

A soft lilac creme. It's sheer, it's thin and it's streaky. This is two coats but I should have applied a third coat really. It's a nice colour even though the formula didn't impress me.

Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon:

Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon, 3 coats

A soft pink creme. This acts just like its sister above. Thin, streaky and sheer formula. I used three coats for my mani and I still wasn't fully satisfied! Grr!

No Tan Lines:

No Tan Lines, 3 coats

A bright orange creme. I love the colour. The formula acted up a bit streaky so I had to apply three coats to even it all out. The polish dries up at least one tone darker than it looks in the bottle. 

Exotic Birds do not Tweet:

Exotic Birds do not Tweet, 4 coats

A bright yellow creme and a true diva - like many other of her yellow sisters. The formula was super streaky and I ended up with four coats before I was happy with it. It's a bright happy colour though, but for the patient girls :D 

Two-Timing the Zones:

Two-Timing the Zones, 2 coats

A super sweet pink creme. This one has a great formula that just glides onto the nails effortlessly. I used two easy coats for this mani. The colour is just amazing! 

Living on the Bula-Vard:

Living on the Bula-Vard, 2 coats

Bright juicy coral. Holy moly, what a great looking polish! I used two easy coats for my mani and had no issues with the formula. 

I can never Hut up!:

I can never Hut up!, 2 coats

Grey with turqouise shimmer, OPI calls it iridescent. The formula is good, and I ended up with only two coats. I love the shimmer but unfortunately it's shy in ordinary daylight. 

I had to take a photo with flash to make the shimmer pop for you:

I can never Hut up!, 2 coats, macro shot

Is that a Spear in your Pocket?:

Is that  Spear in your Pocket?, 2 coats

Teal leaning green creme. The formula is great and I used two easy coats for my swatch. The colour is really good, and I wish all OPI's polishes had a formula like this. 

Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic:

Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic, 2 coats

Bright blue creme. And ha, they spelled the name wrong on my bottle: Super Trip-i-cal-i-fiji-istic. I kind of like that better :D The formula is great and so is the coverage. Two coats is what it took. I am really pleased with this polish, even though I don't really want to say the name out loud!

Do you Sea what I Sea?:

Do you Sea what I Sea?, 2 coats

Bright blue shimmer. Ooh, I love this. The formula is good and I got full coverage in two coats. It's really bright and happy!

Which one is  your favourite of these?


  1. My favourite is definetly Do you sea what I sea? 😍

    1. It's my favourite too, it's sooo beautiful! <3

  2. 4, 5, 6, 7 and the blue ones - my picks :)

  3. Well done! My favorites on you are Living on the Bula-Vard, Is That a Spear in Your Pocket (gah, hate this name, why must OPI employ that kind of corny, undignified titillation -- especially for such a great color?), and Susi Without a Paddle, which looks so pretty and fresh on your nails... in fact, if I had to choose one for myself, that's the one I'd pick, despite the formula.

    1. I don't know what it is with OPI and silly names, they have so many of them! O_o
      Suzy without a Paddle is a good pick, despite the irritating formula! :D
      Thank you so much! ♥

  4. Some of these are nice but I think they are quite samey - OPI must have released other colours like these previously? Great swatches and the yellow looks nice despite being a diva ;-)

    1. Thank you so much.
      Yellows are divas as a rule, in my opinions :D But I like them anyway!
      And yes, I'm pretty sure that we've seen some of these before with other names :) I with they'd release holos again! :D

  5. I think the yellow one is my favourite! I actually managed to get it to cover in 2 thick coats but that was in a skittle so it was only one nail.

    1. I have a problem with too thick coats, because the polish doesn't seem to actually dry. I could have done it here, where I am only swatching, but I wanted to make a true picture of it as if I was actually wearing it :)

  6. Wow, so many pretty polishes in one post! I love the pastels but then I also love the orange and the red :D

    1. It's not easy to pick one favourite of this bunch :D