Thursday, February 15, 2018

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage
Gold to green duochrome metallic

Today’s polish was a Christmas gift. I love Christmas gifts and I got some really cool ones again this year (or technically: last year!)

Enchanted Camouflage is a really beautiful chromatic colour shifter, and it’s very similar to Chanel’s “Peridot”. I don’t own that one, otherwise I would have compared them.

The formula is very good and it actually covered in one single coat. The second coat definitely enhanced the depth so I recommend two coats for this beauty. The drying time is average (it might have been a bit faster if my fingers hadn’t been really cold!) The polish is a bit prone to brushstrokes because it’s metallic. I don’t mind that at all.

The stamping plate I used is called JQ-27 and I stamped with Born Pretty Store’s black stamping polish.

Here’s my final manicure including a layer of topcoat. The photo is taken in my lightbox.

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage

This picture is taken with flash, that’s why the colour isn’t the same as on the picture before. I wanted to show you that there’s some really pretty shimmer in the polish as well.

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage

And here’s “Enchanted Camouflage” on its own, two coats, no topcoat.

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage

Here are the things I used.

Catrice Chrome Infusion ~ 05 Enchanted Camouflage

I really like polishes with great effects and this one has both got colour shift, metallic finish and shimmer – that’s three in one, girls! :D

I got another polish from Catrice’s “Chrome Infusing” collection for Christmas. I’ll slap that one on tomorrow, so stay tuned :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Finish: Duochrome, metallic, shimmer
Overall impression: What an effectful polish, I like it
Buy again: Yes


  1. It's really nice. I have to try new Catrice polishes :)

    1. Thank you, and yes, you totally should :)

  2. What a pretty manicure sweetie! I like all this gold!

  3. the color combo

  4. The color-shift is quite nice and I like the way you applied the stamping!