Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Born Pretty Mandala stamping plate set S001-S005

Born Pretty Mandala stamping plate set S001-S005, part 2

I have already showed you two of the plates from
Born Pretty Store’s Mandala series. Today I’m going to show you the last three of them!

The third plate, Mandala-S003 looks like this:

There are so many cool designs to chose between. I decided to use a different design on each nail.
The base colour is Beau Kiss’ #04 and I stamped with Born Pretty Store’s wine red stamping polish.

This is how pretty it turned out. This photo is taken in the sun.

I really like how this turned out.

This photo is taken in the light box so you can see the stamping better.

Here’s Beau Kiss #04 alone – just for the record. It’s two coats and no topcoat, the drying time is average.

Here are the polishes and the plate I used.

Let’s move right on to the fourth plate, Mandala-S004. It might be my favourite of all the plates and it looks like this:

I decided to stamp with two colours. The yellow is a stamping polish from El Corazón called “Yellow” and the dark red is from Born Pretty Store and is called “Wine Red”. I stamped over a dark orange from Kiko (#162).

I really like how that turned out.

This is Kiko #162 on its own; two coats and no topcoat. The drying time is good.

These are the things I used today.

Let’s move right on to the last stamping plate in the set, Mandala-S005. It looks like this:

I wanted to use as many of the “round” images as possible and decided to go with neon colours. A neon rainbow mandala!

Look at how cool it ended up looking:

I think this looks awesome!

Here are the things I used for my manicure:

Base colour is silver holo from H&M called “Space Race”
Stamping polishes are all from El Corazón:
The Blue: Blue Neon
The Red: Red
The Pink: Pink Neon
The Yellow: Yellow
The Green: Neon Green

The final verdict:

Really cool Mandala designs, I like them all
Designs in several sizes suits most nails
Good value for money

I can’t think of any, these are just great stamping plates

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