Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069

Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069
Silver/Taupe prismatic holo and silver glitter

Here’s the last sister in the “Once Upon a Time”-collection from Depend. It’s a lovely collection of prismatic glitters.

#5069 is taupe. It’s not a colour I buy much but I like it as a base for nail art.
The polish is easy to work with and it covers in two coats. The drying time is really good and the glitters dry completely flat, no bumpiness at all, just like the other three I’ve tried so far.

I made a dry brush manicure out of it. I used a dark blue shimmer polish from Douglas called “Lara” and a lovely red shimmer from OPI called “You Only Live Twice”.

I topped it all with a layer of “Northern Lights” holo glitter topcoat from Out the Door.

This is how it all ended up looking like in the sun:

Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069

I like the way this ended up.

Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069

This is #5069 alone. Two coats and no topcoat. It’s a sunshine picture.

Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069

And here are all the polishes I used today.

I actually thought this was silver when I bought it, but I quite like this as my base.

Here are the links to the other sisters in the collection:

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Prismatic holo glitter
Overall impression: Great little gem. Nice formula, finish and colour.
Buy again: Yes


  1. Very nice, I love this technique! I'm actually wearing a dry brush stroke with neon on white right now:)

  2. Depend ~ Once Upon A Time #5069 is a winner, at least for me :-) You can do anything that you like with it! It's beautiful on it's own and it's a perfect base for stamping or free-hand nail art! :-) Great final result, I love it! :-)

    1. It's true, it's a really awesome base for everything ♥