Sunday, July 8, 2018

Douglas ~ Lucia 04

Douglas ~ Lucia 04
Blackened purple with shimmer

I showed you “Lara 11” yesterday and today it’s time to show Lara’s sister. Like I said, I bought these two polishes years ago, when I still wore really dark colours. Today I prefer brighter and not so dark polishes, which is why these two polishes have waited so long to be worn.

Lucia 04 has also got a really good formula and is also easy to work with. I used two coats for my manicure and the drying time is good.

I used this dark “canvas” to check out an elder Darling Diva, which has also been waiting in the box for a while. I’m talking about “Tilasha (H)”, which is described as a mix of blue to red shifting multichrome flakies with holo effect. I’m not quite sure I see it as blue to red, but never mind, it’s a really pretty topper.

I used one coat of ”Tilasha” over ”Lucia 04” – I topped it with topcoat and this is what it all ended up looking like in daylight.

Douglas: Lucia 04; Darling Diva: Tilasha (H)

This is “Lucia 04” alone. It’s two coats and a thin layer of topcoat photographed in the evening sun. You can see a bit of the shimmer. It’s only visible in the sun.

Douglas ~ Lucia 04

Here are the polishes I used today.

Douglas: Lucia 04; Darling Diva: Tilasha (H)
Douglas: Lucia 04; Darling Diva: Tilasha (H)

I wouldn’t wear Lucia 04 on its own – it’s too dark for that, but I can easily see myself wear it as a base for nail art. I think both the sisters might water marble too, so I’ll try that out as well.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Very dark with subtle shimmer
Overall impression: Really good quality, easy to work with
Buy again: Probably not, it’s too dark for me, but that’s not the polish’s fault