Sunday, July 14, 2019

Stamping plate Nicole Diary-L03 and multichrome stamper from Born Pretty Store

Stamping plate Nicole Diary-L03 and multichrome stamper from Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store has sent me a couple of more stamping plates and two stampers to try out for an honest review.

The stamping plate that I'm using today is called “Nicole Diary-L03” and it looks like this. The plate has many cool designs on it and I'm eager to try it out. Here's what it looks like:

Here is the link to the stamping plate:

I also want to show you the stamper that I'm using today. It's called "Rainbow handle Holo Transparent Stamper". The handle is multicoloured, take a look:

The stamping head is holographic glittery and very pretty. It looks like this.

The stamping head is still transparent so you can see where you actually stamp, take a look at this picture taken through the stamper:

Let me show you the final result of my efforts today.

The base colour is also a Born Pretty Store holo, it's an old one called #12. The stamping polish is "In Fire".

The stamper looks really good but I'm not super impressed by it. Even though it is transparent, it's still relatively difficult to see exactly where you place the design because of the glitter in the stamping head. That's not optimal!

Here are the things I used to do my nails today.

The verdict:

Great quality stamping plate with cool designs
The stamper is really pretty

The stamping head is making it a bit hard to place your designs correctly

I highly recommend the stamping plate. The stamper - not so much. It's pretty though.

BornPrettyStore has got free worldwide shipping, and is offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is to use the code JCJ61 when you check out. 

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