Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Christmas nails, 1st of December

Happy December! I am going all in on the Christmassy and wintery nails this December.

We're starting off with red, white and glitter! The red is Golden Rose's #45, the white is Pastel's #04 and the glitter is OPI's "Glitter To My Heart".

Take a look at these Christmas gift nails I made:

It's two coats of the red Golden Rose's #45, two coats of the white Pastel #04 with a layer of OPI's glitter "Glitter To My Heart" on top. I sponged the same glitter by the base of the nails painted with red.

The stamp is from Lina's stamping plate "Can't Wait For Xmas! 01", and I stamped with El Corazón's stamping polish "The Paradise". 

I really like the outcome.

Here are all the things I used today.

Golden Rose Rich Color #45, OPI Glitter To My Heart, El Corazón The Paradise and Pastel #04

Golden Rose Rich Color #45, OPI Glitter To My Heart, El Corazón The Paradise and Pastel #04


I am really pleased with these, what a great way to start December!



  1. Great idea :-D This looks amazing :-D

  2. This red nail polish is very "festive" and the manicure is perfect for holidays :-)
    Are you going to make new winter and Christmas manicures every day? If yes, I'm looking forward to see them! :-)
    Christmas time is my favourite holiday time, I already have maybe 10 manicures that are ready and many more to be done, I have so many ideas and I hope that I will have enough free time to do all the manicures that I would like to create! :-)

    1. Yes I am, there will be winter and Christmas on my nails every day until Christmas. :)

      I really like Christmas too, and yay, I'm looking so much forward to see what you've done :)

    2. Perfect! :-) I love Christmas and I'm looking forward to see your manicures! :-)