Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fireflies ~ Was: Mermaids

Accessorize ~ Morning Dew & Wet n Wild ~ Happy Holidaze

This is a mani that suddenly took a turn other than that which I had planned!

I actually started out with another polish from Accessorize. This time it was “Morning Dew” which is a Seablue foil. Y’know...I’ve become quite fond of Accessorize’s polishes. They’re really well pigmented: They really mean it when they write “one coat” on the bottle. I love that. The formula is also great, and the drying time is good. All a girl can ask for in a polish.

Enough with the talking already: Here’s one coat of Morning Dew:  

I had mermaids in mind when I started this mani, so I added a new glitter I’ve got from overseas: Wet n Wild’s “Happy Holidaze”. It’s a blue/green/iridescent glitter in a green jelly. We can actually buy some Wet n Wild’s Fast Dry series here in sunny Denmark, but not glitters like this one, which is from a Christmas collection last year.

Here’s a coat of the glitter over the Accessorize polish:

And from a different angle:

I really like this, but here at this point I changed my mind. I would have made this into a mermaid-look, but when I looked at how the iridescent glitter blinked at me, I was thinking more of the beautiful colours of a firefly.

So I stamped fireflies on it. I used a no name black stamping polish, and a stamping plate from Cheeky, CH-41. And I topped it all with a coat of Poshé top coat:

I placed the fireflies randomly on each nail, and the thumbnails had room for two of them :)

Here are the pretty polishes. They’re definitely both keepers!

I love fireflies, I think they’re both special and pretty. What about you – do you like them?


  1. OH, so pretty - I liked it as a mermaids tail, but it's even better with the fireflies!

    1. Thank you! I actually had a feeling that you'd like it as fireflies :)

  2. I like it! The colours and the fireflies look great

  3. This was very pretty! Love your stamping :)

  4. I like the combination of this sparkly blue pretties! great mani :)

  5. I love the end result! The black fireflies look beautiful against the sparkly blue/green! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. I'm happy to hear that you like it! I love fireflies, they're so pretty and special :)