Sunday, April 28, 2013

Golden Rose Matte Velvet ~ 101 with stripes

Golden Rose Matte Velvet ~ 101
Baby blue with shimmer and a silky finish


Orly ~ Stone Cold
Blue jelly base with blue flaky glitter

This Golden Rose polish was a surprise Christmas gift from my sweet friend Aylin from Posh Nail Art. It’s totally cool to have friends like her!

The formula is good, and the polish glides on easily. This one is not a one coater like its sisters – it takes two easy coats to get a smooth and opaque surface.

This is two coats, no top coat:

Isn’t this just pretty?

Then I put three peaces of striping tape on each nail, and painted over it with Orly’s Stone Cold. It’s from their Mineral FX collection from autumn 2011, a series I have come to like more and more as I get my hands on them. I applied one relatively thick layer of Stone Cold, and removed the stripes of tape right after. I sealed it up with a layer of Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine top coat. 

Even though this mani looked really cool in real life, I must admit that I was really sad over how badly it photographed. There’s only going to be one picture out of the bunch, the rest was even worse! :D Here goes:

The blue couple:

I can assure you that it looked really nice in real life, and it was totally worth the effort with the striping tape! :)


  1. Both are really gorgeous blues, especially the lighter one! Wow! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Golden Rose makes such pretty polishes, and I even like the pastel ones :D

  2. I LOVE this blue mani! I also have GR #101 and Stone Cold is in my WL :)

    1. I'm sure Stone Cold will be yours one fine day :)

  3. Ugh Golden Rose is a brand I really wish I could get my hands on!