Thursday, November 17, 2016

Depend ~ 442, 485 and 335

Depend ~ 442, 485 and 335
Blue, purple and glitter

I told you yesterday that I bought a couple more Depend polishes and today I’m going to show you the others.

#442 is a sky blue polish with shimmer. The formula is the best of the three shimmers I bought but it’s still a bit on the sheer side. Ultimately I used three coats before I was satisfied with the result. I’m happy to report that the drying time is good.

This is three coats and no topcoat in ordinary daylight, no sun. The shimmer is a bit shy – also in real life.

I combined it with #335, the mix of iridescent and holo glitter I showed you yesterday. I applied one easy coat over the blue and the glitter spread out nicely without much on an effort. No fishing or dabbing necessary!

Here’s what that looks like in ordinary daylight:

The last one I bought was #485, a blue leaning purple with lilac shimmer. The formula was on the thin side and I used three coats for this swatch. The shimmer is much more prominent that in #442, also in real life. I like that a lot.

I added a layer of the glittery topper once again. This is what that looks like:

Here are the three polishes I tested:

I am somewhat disappointed in the three shimmers I bought because they are three coaters. The bottles only contain 5 ml each so Depend should aim to make their polishes two coaters instead. The good thing is that they dry pretty fast. I will probably check out opacity before I buy more of them though. The glitter however is a great score. I love the mix and it’s such a nice addition to almost any manicure. I am definitely going to use that one up!

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Good
Finish: Shimmer
Overall impression: Nice colours, the formula is a bit thin though. I’m not crazy about three coaters
Buy again: No to the shimmers, yes to the glitter!


  1. I like the blue one better with the glitter on, it looks stunning!

    1. I love everything better with glitter on, so I get your point :D

  2. They are all lovely and yay for the glitter :)

  3. Nice glitter and I like the purple :-D

  4. Both base colors are beautiful and so are the shimmers. But 3 coats is a bit too much.
    They are very pretty with the glitter...

    1. Three coats is definitely one coat too many! I was tempted by the colours though and I love the glitter :D