Monday, November 7, 2016

NCLA ~ Out of this world

NCLA ~ Out of this world
Deep purple linear holo

I showed you Redicalist yesterday, which is the first NCLA I tried on, but the second I bought. I was eager to check out the quality of my other NCLA polishes, so I grabbed “Out of the World”, which is the third NCLA I bought. I still haven’t tried the first one I bought, but I’ll do that very soon.

The formula is just as good as I had hoped for and this is a one coater if you’re careful with the application. I used two coats for my mani and the drying time was really good.

I made the dots with a purple stamping polish from Born Pretty Store.

This is my final mani taken with flash. Two coats and a layer of topcoat.

Out of this World is a little bleeder. The purple dots definitely got more red toned when I added the topcoat. I don’t actually mind that, I just mention it for the record.

This is how pretty it is in low lights.

These are the two beauties together.

This NCLA polish didn’t disappoint me either. It’s a great quality polish and such a cool colour. I actually love dark purples, especially when they look purple on my nails and not black.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Really good quality, easy to work with, cool colour and holo effect
Buy again: Yes I would


  1. It is gorgeous - and I'm plesantly surprised to see that you like it even if it's so dark :)

    1. The reason I like it is because it never looks black on me. Even in the shade it looks like dark purple :)

  2. It has a glass-like effect. loving it!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post :)

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  3. Oh, wow, that purple holo's really interesting, I love it <3

    1. That's really good to hear, I love it too :)

  4. Wow that really is something else! I really love this one. Looks killer in the second photo <3. Cute dots too :-D