Friday, November 4, 2016

Smitten Polish ~ Bengal Tiger

Smitten Polish ~ Bengal Tiger
Rusty orange linear holo

Bengal Tiger is a custom made for a Facebook group called Hella Holo Customs. I bought it back in Autumn 2015 and it was only for sale for one month.

The formula is really good and so is the coverage. I used two really easy coats for my mani and the drying time is good.

Let me show you the final mani first. This is taken in the sun.

The white polish on my ring finger is El Corazón’s m&s-172; my favourite white for nail art. I’m wearing two coats. The two roses are from Aliexpress. I wanted a more orange one for this mani but this was as orange as I had them :D The black and white lines are made with the same El Corazón and OPI’s Never have too mani Friends!

This photo is taken in low lights to give you an impression of the orange colour. I like it even though it’s got a rusty tone, and I love that the rainbows are there in low lights too.

Bengal Tiger was limited edition and is no longer available.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Strong linear holo
Overall impression: Great quality polish, nice colour, amazing rainbows.
Buy again: Yes, if I could


  1. Its beautiful orange. Super Gorgeous :)

  2. This is an amazing orange holo and it looks great in this mani <3

  3. What a cute manicure! I love those roses!!! =)

  4. Gorgeous orange and goreous mani :-D

  5. What a totally girly mani - I don't know how you manage not to pick those roses LOL