Monday, June 24, 2013

Five Days of Glittering Elements 1: Snowflake Kiss

Glittering Elements 1 ~ Snowflake Kiss
White with pink shimmer and silver holo hexagons and diamond glitters

Welcome to five days of a new brand: Glittering Elements. I have five polishes and I decided to swatch them in sequence from the lightest to darkest. So here is Snowflake Kiss, the white one of the bunch. I’ll show you the other four over the next four days, so welcome to “Five Days of Glittering Elements”. 

Casey states that “I do not thin any lacquer, I will leave that up to customers’ personal preference.” Fortunately I like a polish that isn’t too thin, so the formula was just perfect for me. The polish applied easily and it took three coats to achieve desired opaqueness. Drying time is on the slow side, but it was a very warm and humid day – that definitely doesn’t help the process!

Here it is Рthree coats, and one layer of Posh̩ topcoat:

I didn’t fish for the silver holo hexagons, and I only got one by coincidence. It’s still a really cute polish though:

The little diamond glitters are discreet, and make sure that this polish isn’t just another white. On this picture you can see the one hexagon I got – it’s by the base of my thumb nail:

I’m a sucker for a good shimmer, and I love that this polish’s shimmer is pink.

On this picture you can see the holo hexagons in the bottle. They love the sun!

Even though I think this is really pretty, I can’t wear a white polish on its own. I applied a layer of Urban Outfitters WIP “Festival” which is a multicoloured glitter, and here’s my final mani:

The verdict:
Snowflake Kiss is a very cool polish, which I’ll probably be using as a base for nail art in future. I really like the formula – I had no issues with application or anything. The biggest drawback is the drying time, but like I said, the polish didn’t have the best conditions that day.

Snowflake Kiss is limited edition.


  1. It's a beautiful polish, the subtle glitters are so sweet in this one - on it's own it would be perfect for many occasions...

    1. I like that it's more than just another white. The glitters add dimension to it, and I like that :)

  2. So pretty! I love how the glitters sparkle against the white base. :)

    ~ Yun

  3. Very pretty nail polish! I love how multicolored glitter looks over it :)

    1. Thank you - I also liked it with the extra glitter, to add a bit of "darkness" :)

  4. I've been away for way too long. Miss your posts hun. The UO glitter certainly makes this more pow pow! The white polish is also so gorgeous though..