Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Days of Glittering Elements 2 ~ Candy L♥ve

Glittering Elements 2 ~ Candy L♥ve
baby pink shimmer with blue, yellow and pink glitter, white micro bars and pink holo hexes

Here we are on day two of my “Five Days of Glittering Elements”, this time with the baby pink polish of the bunch. Check out this post to see “Snowflake Kiss” that I posted yesterday.

The formula is approximately the same as Snowflake Kiss: Easy to work with, no dragging or bald spots, but it does take three coats to make this polish look its best. I had the same issues with the drying time, but again: It is pretty humid here at the moment, and that often means that the polishes take longer to dry than usual.

I didn’t fish for the glitters or bars, so what you see on the pictures is exactly what decided to hang on to the brush when I dipped it into the polish.

Here’s what three coats of Candy L♥ve looks like, with one coat of Poshé topcoat over:

See how the glitters manage to both blend in and stand out from the base colour at the same time? It’s sooo pretty:

I really like that this polish is shimmery and not just another jelly with glitters. That’s  exactly the way I like it!  

One last shot of the polish on its own, just because I can:

In order to honour the name I painted candy stripes on it. I used a red striper from L. A. Colors called “red” (hard to believe that name, I know), and just striped it vertically on the nails. Here’s what I ended up having:

If you ask me, then this is nice!

The verdict:
Candy L♥ve is a sweet and very girly polish. The glitters are well picked and match the baby pink colour perfectly. I even liked the square glitters, haha! The formula is just fine; I had no issues with application or anything. I’m not a fan of the drying time, but like I said, the polish didn’t have the best conditions that day.


  1. Of course this polish needs candy stripes LOL - it's adorable on it's own, it's a very subtle polish that would be very work appropriate too I think!

    1. I am so lucky that I have a job where I'm totally free to pick which ever polish I want to wear. I'm really pleased with this, thanks! :)

  2. That's a really pretty polish, soft and lovely! And I like the candy stripes you added... so cute! :)

    ~ Yun

    1. I just had to add candy stripes to a polish with that cute a name :)

  3. Sooo cute and girly! <3

  4. You did great with the stripes. i love How you create art to match the name. Cute!

    1. Thank you - I do my best, and thought it was a good idea too :)