Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Days of Glittering Elements 5 ~ Midnight Magic

Glittering Elements 5 ~ Midnight Magic
Blackened base with blue square glitters, gold hexagons and multiple colours microglitter

Here’s the last post in my row of “Five Days of Glittering Elements. Today we’ve reached the darkest one of the five: The black one.

The formula was good. I must admit that my heart sank when I applied the first coat though, because it looked as if it was going to take 5 layers to make this opaque. But in reality it only took three coats, so that was a relief, haha!

Here’s what three coats and one layer of Poshé topcoat looks like:

You might notice that I only got one of the bigger hexagons on my nails. I didn’t fish for them, I just took whatever the brush brought back up from the bottle when I dipped it. I don’t mind, in fact: I prefer when my nails aren’t covered in big glitters, so one here and there is perfect for me :) And the small glitters do their job for this polish!

The blue microglitter is a really cool detail that gives the impression of a beautiful starry night sky; I like that!

And here’s one last shot. Do you like it?

The verdict:
This is a nice blackened polish, and the black doesn’t dull or drown the glitters, like it sometimes happens in black polishes. Here the glitters show up nicely and add that bling it takes for me to actually like a black polish. Drying time is the same old story as with the rest of the bunch: A bit on the slow side; but I put this on in a warm and humid room, so that is probably part of the reason for the slow drying time. Please don’t take this as a criticism – we need a cooler and less damp day to determine the true drying characteristics – the weather’s not doing me or the polish any favours here, for sure.


  1. It's beautiful - even if that single big glitter kind of disturbs/distracts my eye LOL - but I really like the depth of this one!

    1. The depth is really lovely - and I love that the glitter doesn't drown in all the black :)

  2. This polish is absolutely gorgeous, I really love it! xx

  3. It looks really pretty! Love your swatches! :)