Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nail Mail from Turkey, again ♥

This is my third swap with Aylin from Posh Nail Art, and I've loved them all.

Customs decided to make my wait a bit longer this time. They kept my package for four long days before they decided to release the polish. They had opened the box, and this is the sight they've been gazing at for four days: 

It feels like Christmas already, doesn't it! :D

Anyway - I was dying to see what was in there, so the wrapping paper didn't last long. And here's what I was so lucky to get: 

Flormar Wild Nails: 103, 105, 104 and 102
Flormar Wild Nails are new to me, but I like Flormar in general, and I love these colours, so I was happy to find them in the parcel.

Golden Rose Matte Velvet: 103, 104, 109 and 110
I also got Golden Rose Matte Velvets last time we swapped, and I loved them. Here are four blues and a black. Yay!

Flormar Duos: DC04 and DC05, Kalyon: 221
The Flormar duos should be dupes of China Glaze's duochromes, and they're both very pretty. The Kalyon is an extra especially for me, and it sure looks like a one coater, so yay!

Golden Rose Paris: 304, 309, 322 and 326
Golden Rose Paris, they're all super pretty and very shimmery. Right up my alley indeed! 

Pastel: 107 and 11
Another great Turkish brand, namely Pastel. The golden one is brand new and sooo pretty. The blue is denim blue and has got the finest looking shimmer in it.

Alic Avien: 400, 244, 168, 110 and 380
And last but certainly not least: A selection of Alix Alvien polishes. I fell in love with that brand last time we swapped, so yay to getting more of those! 

There were also stamping plates in the package, but I haven't figured out how to photograph those without seeing a reflection of various stuff on the pic yet. And there were nail stickers and perfume samples and lot of other stuff! Yay! 

This was such a great early Christmas for me. Thanks, Aylin! ♥


  1. Those GR Matte Velvets look amazing. I'd like to see swatches.

    yay for early Christmas Goodies. :-)

    1. Those are the ones I want to try on first, so they'll be up here shortly :)

  2. Great polishes! Will you swatch them? :3

  3. WOW I'm envious of your Turkish connection, Aylin sure knows how to pick polishes - *turning envious mode off* - I'm happy for you and look forward to seeing the colors in use :)

    1. She's a gem, that's for sure! :) And thanks - the difficult part is to choose which one to try on first :)

  4. wow! great haul! congratulates you =) i like GR Magic color so much, amazing flashy colors! i have a couple of them)

    1. I know some girls who are great swappers, as you know ;)

  5. Ha ha, packing surely helps... Glad you liked them. Cannot wait to see them on your nails... :)

    1. Packing helps a lot, that's for sure :) Thank you so much!
      I am trying to figure out which one(s) to wear first :D