Monday, January 15, 2018

5Pcs Christmas Nail Stamping Plates Kit from Beauty Big Bang

5Pcs Christmas Nail Stamping Plates Kit from Beauty Big Bang

Today I’m going to show some stamping plates I got from Beauty Big Bang recently in return for an honest review. Beauty Big Bang is a web store that sells all kinds of stuff for nails and nail art and they ship internationally.

Just for the record: The stamping plates were shipped to me in November last year but since the post can take quite a while from China it only arrived in January. I hoped they would arrive before Christmas because they’re actually all Christmas stamping plates, haha!

But never mind; I shall do my best to make my manicures non-Christmassy.

There are five plates in the set and I have decided to split them up into two posts, so you get to see three of the plates today and two tomorrow. You can find the set right here.

This is the first plate I used: BeautyBigBang11.

I had originally planned to use the design in the top left corner because I really like swirly designs, but I changed my mind last minute. I used the top middle design, but turned it 90 degrees, and on my middle finger I stamped the angel on the middle row.

This is how it all turned out:

Snowflakes and angels aren’t just for Christmas :D

These are the things I used for the manicure:

Moyra: No. 86, El Corazón stamping polish: White,
Out the Door: Northern Lights

Here’s the second plate I used: BeautyBigBang12

I already knew which pattern I would go for: The firework design in the bottom right corner. I wanted it to be extra festive, so I made dollops of white, blue and magenta stamping polish on the design, scraped and transferred the designs to my nails.

It ended up looking like this including a layer of protective topcoat.

Doesn’t that look just great? I love this design and the colours together.

Here are all the things I used:

Moyra No. 44, Colour Alike: b. A Lilac Sweater & b. A Rainy Mood, El Corazón stamping polish: White.

Here’s the third plate I used: BeautyBigBang13:

There are snowflakes on this plate and fortunately for me it’s still winter.
I stamped with both the snowflakes designs, and this is how my manicure turned out.

I love white snowflakes on blue background. And I also like when all the nails don’t look the same.

Here are the things I used for this design:

Moyra Suede Effect No. 503, El Corazón stamping polish: White

Like I said, I’m going to show you the two last plates tomorrow, but here’s the verdict so far:

The verdict:

Plates are etched perfectly
Great (Christmassy) designs
Good Christmas set, should get you through December

Slow shipping time from China, haha!

BeautyBigBang has got free worldwide shipping, and they are offering my readers a 10% discount. All you have to do is to use the code RBWM10 when you check out. 


  1. They look really cute! Great job making these manicure non christmasy by the way!:)

  2. Ficou uma decoração muito bonitinha e eu gostei muito da sua plaquinha.