Thursday, January 11, 2018

Depend ~ #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft

Depend ~ #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft
Autumn orange scattered holo

#5037 Forbidden Witchcraft is from Depend’s Holo Fantasy collection. The collection was 8 polishes that came out in Autumn 2016.

I used two easy coats for my manicure. The drying time was good, no worries there.

I didn’t quite know where it would take me, but I started out with painting yellow stripes on it. Then I made some random red dots on the yellow stripes. I topcoated the whole thing and my manicure was done.

Here it is:

Depend ~ #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft

This picture is taken in my lightbox. You can see the true Autumn colour of “Forbidden Witchcraft” if you take a closer look at the bottle I’m holding.

Depend ~ #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft

Here it is on its own; two coats and no topcoat yet.

Depend ~ #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft

The sisters:

Depend Holo Fantasy: #5037 Forbidden Witchcraft,
El Corazón stamping polishes: Yellow and Red

I quite like the outcome of this. How about you?

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Good
Finish: Scattered holo
Overall impression: This is a nice little scattered holo. A bit too Autumn for me though, but that’s not the polish’s fault!
Buy again: No


  1. This is pretty and I really like your nail art, makes me think of fire:)

    1. Thank you! That's exactly what it made me think of too :D

  2. What a great manicure! You always have good ideas! Smuack!

  3. Very cool...nice design and love the bright colors