Thursday, June 23, 2016

CrowsToes, Dance Legend and Urban Outfitters

CrowsToes, Dance Legend and Urban Outfitters
-      In a blue and purple kitchen sink mani

I really like kitchen sink manis. That’s a mani where all the nails are different and where you’ve used different nail art methods. I like it when the colours and/or the finishes of the polishes make it all come together nicely, and today I used blue and purple as my base colours.

This is my final mani:

The purple and the blue are both from Dance Legend’s Malta collection. 
The purple is #97 and the blue is #98. They both contain beautiful shimmer. 

The silver is from Urban Outfitters and is called Silver Holo. 

The blue/purple/green glitter is from CrowsToes and is called Walk the Peacock. It took me a while to get my hands on that glitter and I’m glad I’ve finally got it!

The two first pictures are taken in the sunshine and this last picture is taken in the shade to show off the beautiful glitter!

Here are the pretty polishes I used for my mani:

Do you prefer all your nails to look the same or do you like kitchen sink manis?

Number of coats: 2 – both for DL and for UO
Drying time: Very good for all
Finish: Shimmer / Linear holo / glitter
Overall impression: I love them all!
Buy again: Yes, definitely!