Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova ~ December

Dance Legend Anna Gorelova ~ December
Silver holo with golden shimmer

I still haven’t got my camera back from the repair shop and I must admit that I miss it – and it feels a little bit like I’m losing my creativity. I don’t like that.

So today I thought I would play a bit with glitter. I started out with two coats of December from Dance Legend’s Anna Gorelova collection. Easy to work with, dries fast, no complaints from me. Then I applied some cheap star nail vinyls from ebay, applied a layer of slow drying topcoat and sprinkled glitter on the topcoat before I removed the vinyls. The glitter is from W7 and is called Cosmic Nail Dust.

I think it turned out really pretty.

I wasn’t quite sure how the glitter would react to topcoat so all the pictures are taken before the topcoating.

I didn’t have direct sun either. It’s a great silver holo nonetheless.

Polish and glitter:

I topcoated the whole thing after my little photo session and the glitter didn’t have any problems with it, so that’s what I’ll do in future.

PS. Thanks to my sweet boyfriend for letting me fill his phone up with nail pictures  - and he doesn’t even get upset when they all auto-backup to dropbox either!! :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Very good
Finish: Holo with shimmer
Overall impression: Great base polish
Buy again: Yes