Friday, June 10, 2016

El Corazón ~ 423/706: Desire

El Corazón ~ 423/706: Desire
Blue to purple to magenta to red duochrome

You know that I love polishes that can “do” something, right? Duochromes, multichromes, glitter, holo, shimmer, thermal polishes and so on.

Today I’m going to mix some of the interesting finishes: Shimmer, multichrome, glitter and holo! Wow, right? Let’s see how it goes.

I started out with Desire from El Corazón. It’s one of their beautiful multichromes that shifts between so many beautiful colours. I layered it over black today. One layer of Rimmel’s Black Satin, and then two layers of Desire. No topcoat yet.

So: Two coats over black, picture is taken in the sunshine:

Here it is out of the sun. It reveals its purple side and a little bit of the red around the edges.

Now look at this. Here’s purple and magenta and a bit of red.

You want to see more of the red? Okay then, here it is. It’s amazing that all these pictures are of the same polish!

This is how the polish looks in the bottle. It’s beautiful!

Then I added glitter. I used New Year Glitter from Pastel. It’s a clear base with silver and copper glitter. I applied one layer over Desire. The drying time was a bit on the slow side.

Same polish, just from a different angle!

Then I applied holo, because holo makes everything better. I used my favourite holo topper, which is called Rainbow Syrup and is from Ellagee.

Here’s what it looks like.

One final picture taken with flash:

These are the three polishes I used. Shimmer, multichrome, glitter and holo. *happy sigh*

Number of coats: 2 over black
Drying time: Pretty good
Finish: Duochrome with shimmer
Overall impression: I like it a lot
Buy again: Yes


  1. What a beautiful deep shade! And you've created a gorgeous mani!

  2. I really love the polish, but I think it got a bit to much with the layering of the two others.

  3. It is beautiful, but I agree with Helena, the layerings are just a little over the limit LOL

  4. Very nice, so many colours in one :)