Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stamping polishes from BornPrettyStore

Stamping polishes from BornPrettyStore

I decided to try to do something I haven’t tried before: I’m going to water marble with stamping polishes! Whoa, right?

The two stamping polishes are Shimmer Purple and Peach Blow – click the names to see where you can find them.

This, my dear readers, is the result of water marbling with the two stamping polishes:

How did it go, you might ask. Well, it went okay. Peach Blow spread out pretty good the first two drops of polish. The third one wasn’t as cooperative. Shimmer Purple wasn’t that easy, and only spread out when I place a drop of other polish in the middle. The white I used is China Glaze’s White on White, I really like that for water marbling. It often makes other polishes behave as well :D

The glitter topper is Northern Lights from Out the Door.

The verdict:

Cool colours
Perfect for stamping
Manageable for water marbles, especially Peach Blow

Shimmer Purple wasn’t crazy about spreading out on the water