Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Mine

Anonymous Lacquer ~ Mine
Purple linear holo with red flakies

Mine is from the Brother Hood Series collection from Autumn 2015. It’s a lovely, lovely purple with fabulous red flakies. Can you tell that I love this polish already?

The formula is good and the polish is well behaved. I used two coats for this mani and the drying time is good. The brush is a little bit thin, so I had to dip it in the polish a couple of times per nail which is unusual for me, since I have relatively small nails. It wasn’t a problem though, I just thought I’d mention it.

Here’s two coats and no topcoat taken with flash:

Isn’t that just adorable? I love that colour and the rainbows are mesmerizing!
This picture is taken in low lights. The flakies come to life and make this polish something special in my opinion.

I added glittah! Red glittah to be exact. I brushed it on the base of each nail. It’s L. A. Girls’ Animate by the way. I sealed the whole thing up with a layer of topcoat and here’s my final mani:

The low light picture:

I think red and purple look really good together. I *really* love this!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Really good
Finish: Linear holo with Flakies
Overall impression: Wow, I’m almost speechless. This is an amazing polish!
Buy again: Yes


  1. I agree. it's such a pretty shade . Can see very well all the rainbow colours.

  2. Very very beautiful holo it is :) And a lovely glitter.

  3. What a pretty mani! I love this contrast ! *__*

  4. That is so pretty, I love this purple holo, and it goes so well with the glitter :D

  5. So pretty! Love how the glitter interacts with the base :)

  6. Wow this is gorgeous and I love the glitter - seriously amazing combo :-D

  7. ooh how I love purples like this one!!!