Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nail Vinyls from BornPrettyStore

Nail Vinyls from BornPrettyStore

Today it’s time to show you nail vinyls! There are 12 stencils in a package. My nails are so small that each stencil fits two nails, score!

The pattern somehow made me think of dragons. A big purple dragon with green scales! Check the second picture out on this page for instance!

Anyway – I painted my nails purple (with A England’s Lady of the Lake), waited for it to dry. I applied a layer of fast drying topcoat just to be sure that it would dry completely – I didn’t want to risk to pull the whole thing off again :D

Then I put the nail vinyl on. I sponged green glitter (LynBDesigns The Envy of Mr. Green) onto it, and removed the vinyl right away, before the polish dried.

This is what it ended up looking like:

Another picture of the dragon scales:

Here are the two polishes I used:

The verdict:

Very easy to work with
Didn’t pull the polish off
One vinyl fitted two of my nails

I can’t really think of any