Wednesday, January 13, 2016

China Glaze ~ Mrs. Claus

China Glaze ~ Mrs. Claus
Pink red jelly with pink and red glitter

Mrs. Claus is from the ‘Tis the Season to be naughty or Nice holiday collection from 2010. And no, it hasn’t been sitting in the box of untrieds for five years! I bought it earlier this year because the glitter fascinates me.

The formula is a little bit thin but definitely manageable. I used three coats for full opacity. I had hoped to get away with two coats but I still had thin spots after the second coat, so three it is! The drying time is average. The smell of this is a bit odd. It’s neither bad nor worse than any other polish, it’s just different. I have noticed that especially in older polishes so perhaps it just happens with age.

Anyway – here’s three coats and no topcoat:

I really like the two colours of glitter together.

I stamped a festive motif on it. I used stamping plate Infinity Nails-97, and stamped with NailNation 3000’s Black.

Here’s the final mani including a layer of topcoat:

Last picture:

I think it’s cool to see a Christmas glitter that isn’t just “Christmas red”.
Just out of curiosity: Have any of you noticed that some polishes change smell when they get old?

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Average
Finish: Jelly with glitter
Overall impression: Good glitter. Drying time could be better for a three coater though.
Buy again: I think I would.