Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gloss and Sparkle ~ Above Deck

Gloss and Sparkle ~ Above Deck
Blue base with blue glitter and green shimmer

I seem to have a crush on blues, greens and teals at the moment, so I welcomed Above Deck in my stash recently.

This is my second Gloss and Sparkle, and I was impressed last time (you can check out that polish here, if you missed it back then). Let’s see if Above Deck can live up to my great expectations, shall we?

The formula is just great! The polish glides on easily and effortlessly and covers well in two coats. Drying time between coats is average, so I didn’t have to sit around for too long and wait :) And the colour… the colour is fantastic! I’d say that this polish fits its name just perfectly! It’s a blue, blue shimmer with a splash of green – just the colour you’d love to sit and watch when you’re above deck – in a sun chair.

I applied a layer of H K Girl topcoat before taking my pics. Take a look at two coats:

Isn’t that just something? I mean: Wow!

The shimmer and the depth in this polish is just amazing!

I took way too many pictures of this beauty!

The polish is just as shiny without the topcoat really, but I just love how it looks with too.

I tried to catch some of the holo glitter in’s a tiny spark of it:

I went out shopping (gasps of surprise all round), and in one of the stores I went in, the lights made the polish shine particularly nicely. I decided to take advantage of that, and took this picture. Above deck is incredibly sparkly, and this picture shows it the best:

I’m stunned! This polish is so beautiful that it almost took my breath away! If you think it looks beautiful on the pictures, then I have to tell you that my pictures don’t do the polish justice. It’s so much more “alive” in real life than it is on my photos. Polished thumbs up from me: This baby is a winner!

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Average
Durability: Good
Removal: Not as tough as a “real” glitter, but tougher than just a crème
Overall impression: I’m in love with this stunner!
Buy again: Definitely!


  1. WOW, this is so you too - and it really IS amazing, I see why you couldn't just show a few photos of it LOL

    1. It was SO hard to limit myself photowise, and I kept staring at my nails! :D

  2. sooo stunning. Very you and looks absolutely beautiful on you too.