Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wet n Wild - Fergie ~ Blue Eyed Soul & Kaleidoschope Eyes

Wet n Wild - Fergie ~ Blue Eyed Soul & Kaleidoschope Eyes
Denim blue foil & Blue and golden hexagons in a clear base

Do you remember late last year when it was announced that Wet n Wild would do a cosmetics line with Fergie? I remember it, because I was thrilled over many of the polishes in that collection. The problem when they came out was that they weren’t available here, and I couldn’t find anyplace online that would ship them to Denmark. So I swapped my way to the ones I have got. Hooray for the many sweet girls abroad that think it is a great idea to swap with us non-US girls!

But! I must admit that I’m kind of embarrassed over the fact that they have all been sitting in my stash of untrieds ever since! They have been sitting there for so long, that most of the polishes are now available in Denmark. Haha, I find that really ironic! So I decided to let it be their turn to get on my nails, and if I don’t like them as much as I thought I would, then I will pass them on to somebody else. Sounds like a good idea, right?

So today I have tried two of them. I started out with Blue Eyed Soul, which is a lovely blue packed with so much silver shimmer, that it appears to be a foil. Application was really easy, and girls! This is a one coater!!! Drying time is good, no problems there either.

Do you want to see how pretty it is? Here it is, one coat, no topcoat:

I am totally in love with this kind of blue.

I think you have guessed my verdict already: Blue Eyed Soul is a keeper!

Let’s move on to the next polish: Kaleidoscope Eyes. It is a clear base with blue and golden hexagons. I think it would take the entire bottle to make this opaque; it’s definitely a topper. So I dapped some of that onto my nails, and as usual it’s one dip in the bottle per nail. And here’s how that looks like:

Here’s a different angle that shows the golden glitter more:

A final shot:

The polishes in their natural environment: 

I like the two polishes together, they are definitely a match. I like the glitter but I don’t love it. I think it’s mainly because of the gold: I am definitely more of a silver girl than a golden girl. So Blue Eyed Soul gets to stay, but Kaleidoscope Eyes will be moved on.

Tomorrow I’ll work my way through the rest of them and separate the keepers from the gonners. Stay put!


  1. Blue Eyed Soul is really pretty - and I like the layering, but see why you choose to move it on!

    1. I really like the Blue Eyed Soul - I wonder why it took me so long to try it on :)

  2. These two polishes go amazing well together, the end result is stunning! I missed your beautiful nail combos!

    1. Aww, that's sweet of you! I really missed it too, and will do more of that in future :)