Friday, January 31, 2014

Wet n Wild - Fergie ~ Various polishes

Wet n Wild - Fergie ~ Various polishes

Allow me to try and speed up a bit with my Fergie polishes. There are so many, so I decided to gather the last ones in this post.

Dutchess & Take the Stage
First half of the first pair up is Dutchess, which nearly made me swoon when I saw the first picture of it. It’s a blue jelly packed with blue microglitter, and with an accent of purple microglitter. Blue and purple together, I just love it. The other half of the pair is Take the Stage, which is a clear base with pink microglitter and silver hexagons. I wasn’t quite sure if this was a topper or not, but decided to try and make it opaque on its own.

Both polishes require three coats to look okay. Drying time is average, not slow and not fast, but just ok.

Let’s see if the magic transfers onto the nails, shall we?

Three coats of each, and two layers of topcoat:

I applied two layers of topcoat. Not because this dried up gritty, because it didn’t. But especially Dutchess loved the topcoat and I had to apply a second coat to make her really shine.

One last pic.

And the polishes:

The magic is gone, unfortunately. I like both of these polishes, but not enough to keep them. Sorry, Fergie!

Make them Boys go Loco & No Place like Home
Next pair is the reds. Make them Boys go Loco is a blackened base with red microglitter, red glitters and hexagons. No Place like Home is a pink jelly base with red microglitter and an accent of pink microglitters. Both are beautiful in the bottle.

Let us see how they build up, shall we? Make them Boys go Loco can be layered over black, but I wanted to see what it took on its own. The answer is three coats. No Place like Home was opaque after two coats, but I gave it a third, just to give it the best conditions. Drying time is average on both polishes.

Here’s what three coats of each look like:

There’s a layer of topcoat on too, I almost forgot to mention that.

And the pretty glitters:

I seem to have a soft spot for these red glitters. I’ve had Spoiled’s “Ants in my Pants” and NYX “Dark Glitter” – both similar polishes to Make them Boys go Loco. I’ve sold both the Spoiled and the NYX, and I’ll also sell this one.
No Place like Home surprised me positively. It actually looks much nicer on the nails than in the bottle, where it looks kind of “ordinary”. But I don’t love it enough to actually keep it.

Heels of Steel & Mermaid Curves
Next pair up is Heels of Steel, which is a charcoal polish packed with silver shimmer. It’s one of the more “ordinary” polishes of the line, but it’s got a huge advantage to some of the others: It’s a one coater! Drying time is average on this one.
Mermaids Curves is a seagreen jelly with matching and iridescent glitters.
Formula is good, but it takes three coats to reach the opacity you see on my pictures. The glitter spreads out without problems though. Drying time: Average.

So here’s one coat of Heels of Steel and three coats of Mermaid Curves – there’s a layer of topcoat on too:

I like them both!!

And here are the polishes on their own:

Heels of Steel is a great allround polish, that can be used as a base for many things. The fact that it’s a one coater only makes it better. So yes, that’s a keeper. 

Mermaid Curves is such a pretty glitter. I love the colour. But the fact that the glitter is in a very sheer jelly is a problem for me. Three coats were only just enough, and layering polishes aren’t rated high here at the moment. I love the name and considered keeping the polish just because of that, but I think the many layers are what tipped me over, and this’ll have to go.

Ferguson Crest Syrah
The last one of my Fergie polishes is Ferguson Crest Syrah. It’s a lovely burgundy packed with shimmer. The formula is very good, and behold! That is also a one coater! Drying time is average. I applied a layer of topcoat before taking the pictures.

Here’s one coat plus a layer of topcoat:

If you look at the bottle you can see that there’s a slight duochromatic effect, but that doesn’t transfer onto the nails at all. It’s a good thing for me, since the effect would have been golden, which I don’t like on me.

Ferguson Crest Syrah is a keeper. Dark, vampy, shimmery. I love it!

That's it - the Fergie polishes no longer live in my box of untrieds! ^_^


  1. I was hoping the verdict would be: Syrah has to go - then she could move in with me LOL
    I love the combos - but Syrah - gahhhh <3

    1. Syrah is the stunner of the collection if you ask me. Adorable! :) <3

  2. I don't have any Wet n Wild polishes but this collection is amazing so I definitelly will look up for it and try to purcaise a few! They all look great on your nails!

    1. Wet n Wild stepped up with this collection in my opinion. Definitely worth a closer look :)

  3. Ferguson Crest Syrah is the only one that catches my eye.