Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mentality stamping testing

Mentality ~ Sly, Wily & Miny
Pink, baby pink and duochrome blue/purple stamping polish with holo effect

I’m always on the lookout for interesting stamping polishes, so I have been interested in trying the stamping polishes from Mentality. I chose three different ones: Sly, a shocking pink, Wily, a soft pink, and Miny, a duochromatic purple/blue.

I tested them over black to see how opaque they are. I mean, any polish can stamp over white or a nude, but a black can be a challenge. So let’s see how that went, shall we?

I applied one layer of Essence “Black is Back”; which is my to go black crème. I used an all nail star design from Moyou’s stamping plate Princess Collection-14. I used the same design on all the nails.

Here’s the first impression:

Sly on pinkie and ring finger, Wily on middle finger, Miny on index finger and thumb

As you can see they all work as stamping polishes, they all show up effortlessly on black. Sly, the shocking pink, works really great!  Wily, which I’m holding on this picture, actually shows up as a silvery blue.

Miny, which is the duochromatic polish, that I’m wearing on my index and my thumb, shows that it’s a colour shifter. On this picture it shows itself as pink. And if you look at my thumb, it looks just as pink as Sly on my pinkie and my ring finger.

I’m holding Miny on this picture, but I didn’t get it to show its blue sides on the nails at all.

One last picture. The only one of the three that actually shows its true colours on the nails, is Sly, the shocking pink.

Here are the four polishes I used for this test:

The most impressive one of them is Sly, mainly because it stays the colour it is in the bottle. Wily will be a good all rounder, when silver is too contrasty. Miny is probably the one I’d leave behind if I had to give up one of them.
But for now I’m going to keep them all, and also use them on different base colours. I might even try and use them as regular polishes too!


  1. Very interesting--I've not seen this brand before now.

    1. I'm always looking out for good stamping polishes, that's how I came across these :)

  2. oh i really like this mani! :) absolutely beautiful!