Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pretty Serious ~ Into Dreams and Darling Diva ~ Carrie

Pretty Serious ~ Into Dreams
Purple with pink shimmer
Darling Diva ~ Carrie
Iridescent mulitsized glitter in pink jelly base

Pretty Serious make extremely nice polishes in my opinion. And if there’s something that they’re very good at, then it’s making purples! My prettiest purple polishes are from… yes, you guessed it: Pretty Serious!

Into Dreams is a lovely deep purple! The formula is no less than great. It’s almost opaque in one coat, but I gave it two, just to make sure that I gave it the best conditions to shine! Drying time between coats is great. And man, can this baby deliver! I didn’t apply a topcoat, and look at how it shines in the sunlight:

If that isn’t lovely, then I don’t know what lovely is!

The pink shimmer makes this polish really special, and much more than “just another purple” :)

I decided to pair it up with an iridescent glitter from Darling Diva, namely “Carrie”. Carrie holds iridescent glitters in many shapes and sizes and is perfect to layer over a purple like Into Dreams. I’m also a fan of Darling Diva polishes – so I thought that these two would make a perfect pair.

Carrie is way packed with glitter! I usually use glitter like this: One dip in the bottle per nail, and that’s all it gets. But Carrie has way too many glitters for that in my opinion. So I made sure to scoop some of the glitters off on the edge of the bottle before applying it onto the nails. We don’t want any overkill, we particularly don’t want any underkill – we just want Kill! :D

Here’s the result of one layer of Carrie over Into Dreams. There’s no topcoat involved whatsoever.

All the pictures are taken in the sunshine. Look at how the glitters reflects the light beautifully!

One last shot. I know this is very simple, but I wasn’t in the mood for large nail art projects today. A pretty purple with a cool glitter on top was what it took to make me happy.

Sometimes it’s nice to keep it cool and simple, and just use a couple of nice polishes, don’t you think?

Into Dreams  -  Carrie
Opacity: 8/10  -   NA/10
Colour, prettiness: 9/10   -   7/10
Durability: 8/10     -    8/10
Value for money: 9/10   -   9/10
Overall: 8.5/10   -    8/10
Buy again: Yes

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  1. Into Dreams is such a pretty purple, I'm lucky to own it myself :)
    I love the layering with Carrie!

    1. I knew this one had to be in your collection too. It's sooo gorgeous! :)

  2. Love both these brands, I need to use Into Dreams!!
    Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you and happy holidays to you too :)

  3. lovely combo! purple?, im sold! :) I love Into Dreams.

    1. It's so good to know other purple lovers :)

  4. Nice combo! The glitter looks like the raindrops :-)

    1. Oh yes, it does too, I hadn't thought of it that way. Cool! :)