Friday, March 14, 2014

Crowstoes ~ Hellhound, Love Stinks & Season of the Witch

Hellhound: Burgundy base with red/orange/gold color-shifting shimmer
Love Stinks: Pink base packed with blue flecks
Season of the Witch: black-based green flake polish with color-shifting flakes that go from green to purple

Today I’m going to show you no less than three very different CrowsToes polishes.

I’ll start out with Hellhound; an amazing, colourshifting, glass fleck polish, which CrowsToes do so well!

Application was easy, because the formula is good. Drying time between coats is pretty average, and it takes two coats to make this polish look its best. I used a regular base coat here, and no coloured undies. I applied a layer of topcoat before taking my pictures.

And great googly-moogly, how pretty is this! Take a look for yourself:

This first pic shows that the base of Hellhound is burgundy. Lovely!
If I flick my fingers a little bit, you’ll be able to see a bit of golden showing up.

And this angle should make the golden really obvious.

All the little flecks are just amazingly pretty.

One last shot because this polish is too pretty not to take lots of photos of:

I don’t know why I thought that Hellhound would require undies, but it was a really pleasant surprise to find out that it only took two coats on its own to make this beauty shine. The duochromatic fleck makes this polish spectacular!

Next one up is Love Stinks; another polish packed with flecks. This baby is pink and absolutely packed with shimmery blue flecks.

Application was easy and coverage is good – I used two coats for these pictures. Drying time between the coats was average. I didn’t use any coloured undies under this polish either, but I have a feeling that a dark fuchsia would look fantastic under Love Stinks.  

Anyway – take a look at two coats + a layer of topcoat:

If I flick my fingers like this, you can see the pink base of this polish:

And if I flick them like this, it’s almost only the blue flecks that show.

It’s like magic, isn’t it!

One last picture, before we move on to the last polish for today:

Love Stinks is another amazing colourshifter from Crowstoes. Wearing these polishes is like magic – I keep finding myself sitting and flicking my fingers in all angles to see all the amazing colourshifts!

Last polish today is Season of the Witch.
Season of the Witch is packed with colourshifting flecks, and is another cool polish!

The formula is the same as the other two, no problems in that department, and the drying time is also average on this one. I used three coats for my mani because I decided not to layer it over black. I’ve said it before: I like to see what my polishes look like on their own.

I applied a layer of topcoat before I took my pictures. And here’s Season of the Witch, three coats + topcoat:

The colour shift is quite strong, and fortunately I was able to catch it on cam.

I like that the base is not completely black. The green is lovely.

Green & Purple = Yay! :D

And one last shot of the shimmery shine:

Season of the Witch is probably more of an autumn polish, but fortunately there are some of us who wear witch which colour we like whenever we feel like it. I love colourshifters and glass flecks, so I obviously like this polish too.

I bought these Crowstoes polishes from
You can find more info on NorwayNail’s Facebook page, link here

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  1. Hellhound and Sesons of the Witch is certinaly polishes I would want to have. True beauties.

    1. True! I was quite impressed with them myself! :)

  2. This time I prefer Hellhound, I like more and more burgundy colored polishes, so this is my favorite.
    Wish you a great weekend!

    1. Thank you :) Hellhound is my favourite of the bunch too!

  3. I don't know what polish is the coolest. I love them all! The have very cool and noticeable color shifts.

    1. Colourshifting polishes is definitely a thing CrowsToes do well :)

  4. Replies
    1. That sounds like your wishlist just grew! :D