Friday, March 21, 2014

Ellagee ~ Delilah Blue

Ellagee ~ Delilah Blue
Blue/purple with holo shimmer

It may be a while since I showed of an Ellagee polish, and today is the day I’m going to change that fact!

Delilah Blue is so gorgeous that I accidentally bought it twice. I already had it on the way to me in the mail when I ordered it again. Oh well – it’s only the second time that’s happened, and it at least it has been with pretty polishes both times.

The formula of Delilah Blue is just amazing. The polish glides right on and it covers in one easy coat. Sweet! I added a second coat to see if that would make any difference in depth or colour intensity, but it didn’t. So yes, this is in fact a one coater. Drying time was pretty good, I didn’t wait long before applying the second coat.

I didn’t apply topcoat before taking my pictures.

Here’s two coats, no topcoat:

These first two pictures are taken with flash. I love that holo shimmer, it makes the polish a-MAH-zing!!

Here’s a picture taken in low lights. This is as close to colour accurate as I could get it.

Then I did some nail art on it. I used my faithful Silver Holo from Urban Outfitters. I painted three stripes vertically on each nail, and made dots on the lines. When that was dry I made dots with Delilah Blue inside the silver holo dots. A layer of Poshé topcoat finished the whole thing off – so here’s my final mani:

I love this!

And the low light picture. The Silver Holo is so wild – that is why it’s my favourite nail art silver holo!

Here are the pretty polishes. The Ellagee is not colour accurate on this picture at all – it’s not that purple in real life!

In all modesty: This is pretty cool! The purple and the silver go together perfectly and the pattern is so me! I wonder if you like this as much as I do :)

Number of coats: 2 – but 1 would easily have been enough!
Drying time: pretty fast
Durability: Good
Overall impression: Great quality polish, cool colour, amazing finish!
Buy again: I’d say yes if I didn’t already have two bottles of this, hahaha!

I bought this polish from
You can find more info on NorwayNail’s Facebook page, link here.

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  1. wow. this blurple holo just took my heart away. amazing!!!

  2. I absolutely love the combo here - great work!

    1. thank you, I'm so pleased to hear that you like it :)

  3. I love the look you created with both polishes. It's stunning and incredibly beautiful too. That silver holo is so awesome.

    1. Thank you so much, that makes me smile a lot! :)

  4. Looks like you stamped your nails! Love the design!

    1. Now that's a compliment if there ever was one - thank you!! :)

  5. " so gorgeous that I accidentally bought it twice" - high five! ;)