Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glittering Elements ~ Angelica

Glittering Elements ~ Angelica
Lavender and sterling silver fine fleck base with added holo

My birthday wasn’t long ago, as some of you know, and I was sooo lucky to get a very special gift from Wenche, who happens to be the owner of Norway Nails. She sent me a lovely polish from Glittering Elements, which is a brand I’ve made quite a number of reviews for. It’s a Norway Nails exclusive, it’s lavender and it’s a very sweet looking polish.

The formula is good. I used three coats for these pictures, but if you aren’t a nail blogger with a camera that picks up every teeny little detail that remains unseen to the normal human eye, then you can probably get away with two. The drying time between the coats is average.

Here’s a picture of how sweet this is. Three coats and a layer of Ellagee’s Glass topcoat. The pic is taken with flash:

The flecks and the holo glitter make this polish so much more than “just another lavender”!

Look! Rainbows!!!

My non-flash pictures didn’t turn out very well, so I’m only going to show you one of them. It shows the little silver flecks, but it also shows that this polish contains golden shimmer! Special, isn’t it!?

Thank you so much for this special gift, Wenche!

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Average
Finish: Silver flecks with added holo
Overall impression: This is such a spring colour. Soft lavender, and the silver flecks and the added holo makes this special
Buy again: Yes

“Angelica” was a birthday gift from Wenche, the owner of
You can find more info on NorwayNail’s Facebook page, link here.

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  1. Looks like a pretty nail polish!

  2. That is indeed the ideal present for my glitter/holo loving friend :D

  3. It's very pretty and what a great birthday gift :)

    1. I was thrilled to receive it for sure :)