Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer ~ Weird Cyance

Lilypad Lacquer ~ Weird Cyance  
Turquoise green with pink shimmer – and scattered holo effect

I’ve got a special polish to show you today! Weird Cyance is another custom polish made for a fangroup on Facebook. The only way to snatch this beauty was to be a member of that exact fangroup at the exact right time. I was so lucky to be both, yay!

Formula, pigmentation, drying time – I have only positive things to say about it all. The polish glides on effortlessly, dries fast and it takes two coats to make it opaque. No aqua basecoat is needed, any basecoat will do.

Here’s what two coats and no topcoat looks like.

This polish has got so many facets that it’s impossible to catch them all on camera. Let’s just say it’s a pretty amazing polish!

Weird Cyance has got a strong pink shimmer. You can see it if you look at the bottle on this next picture. It’s obvious on the nails too, just not on the pictures, unfortunately!

Here’s a picture taken with flash, so the scattered holo gets its chance to shine too!

I added some glitter to my mani by using Alanna Renee’s “Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails”, it’s a mix of red and blue holo hex glitter, and holo particles and I showed it to you in this post. I sponged it on my tips on pinkie, pointer and thumb and on the base of the nail on my ringfinger and the middle finger. I sealed it all up with a layer of topcoat, and here’s my final mani:

I think that glitter matches Weird Cyance perfectly! I’m thrilled that I picked that exact glitter!

So that’s another Facebook group custom that I like a lot, and I’m pleased that I got it. Do you like this colour? And would you have matched this with a different glitter? If yes, then which would you have picked?

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Fast
Durability: Good
Removal: No problems
Overall impression: Amazing colour. I love the strong pink shimmer too.   
Buy again: Yes

You can’t buy this polish if you are not a part of the Facebook group, but you can buy other pretty Lilypad Lacquers at You should definitely check out Angel’s Kiss, I showed you about a month ago!

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  1. This is so gorgeous - and the Lilypad is so interesting to look at!

    1. There's so many things going on in this polish - that's why I like it so much :)

  2. Another gorgeous combination! <3

  3. Gorgeous polish! :D
    I think I would have matched it with a blue or green glitter instead, but this glitter is pretty as well :)

    1. Thank you for the great ideas - I will remember that next time :)

  4. Wow, the shimmers in here are just amazing! Love Lilypad! :)

    ~ Yun