Saturday, March 22, 2014

Glittering Elements ~ Mermaid Spell & Jennifer

Glittering Elements ~ Mermaid Spell & Jennifer  

I couldn’t limit myself (as usual), so I’m going to show you two of my older Glittering Elements: Two pretties that have been sitting in the box of untrieds for a little bit too long.

I’ll start out with Mermaid Spell, which is a sky blue with an almost metallic finish and with a splash of holographic microglitter.

The first coat of polish seems really sheer. The second coat builds up to almost opacity. I wanted to be sure to get some good pictures of it, so I applied a third coat, just to make absolutely sure that there weren’t any thin spots. 

My bottle of Mermaid Spell is an early edition so drying time is average. I know that this is a thing that Casey has been improving a lot, so I am definite that if you buy it today, the drying time will be much faster.

Anyway, here’s a picture of three coats plus one layer of topcoat. The picture is taken with flash:

I absolutely love the thin layer of holographic microglitter that makes the pretty rainbows!

Mermaid Spell is also pretty in lower lights:

I felt like making some “bubbles” on it. I used a dark blue shimmer from Maybelline called “Blue Freeze” and a cotton bud. I dipped the cotton bud in a drop of polish and pressed it firmly against the nail, leaving a ring of polish on the nail. I did that randomly on all the nails, and ended up applying a second layer of topcoat.

Here’s my bubbly mani:

And another flash picture:

Here’s the picture taken in lower lights:

The pretty polishes lined up for a picture:

The other polish I want to show you today is Jennifer. It’s a bright pink with holographic microglitter. Jennifer is made to honour Casey’s mum – isn’t that just sweet! ♥

Anyway – the formula is pretty much the same as the first: Sheer after the first coat, then building up to opacity on coat number three. Drying time is also the same story: Average. But then it’s an old bottle I’ve got, so chances are that the formula has improved by now. And it’s pretty – very pretty.

Here’s three coats and a layer of Poshé topcoat. Flash picture:

Nice eh?

And here’s a low light picture. I still like this polish a lot!

I grabbed another bottle of Glittering Elements: Turn it Off!, which I showed you here (LINK!) I used a thin brush and painted half my nails with the dark teal holo. When it was dry I applied another layer of Poshé topcoat – and here’s my final mani:

If that isn’t pretty, then I don’t know what is!

Here’s the mandatory low light pic.

The pretties in odd bottles and labels. I told you that Jennifer was from an earlier batch. 

Yep, I’ve got quite a lot of Glittering Elements in my stash now. I like Casey’s creations, so these are probably not the last ones either.

Number of coats: 3
Drying time: Average
Durability: Good
Removal: No worries
Overall impression: I love the colours – and would actually like to try the newer batches of these polishes.
Buy again: Yes


  1. Oh, the light blue is my favourit! I made a light blue mani today :)

  2. I love the combo of the pink and blue - the pink is my favorite - but 3-coater generally turns me off LOL

    1. They usually turn me off too, but prettiness makes up for it ;)

  3. Why oh why are the Jennifer naked polish always pink????