Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mentality ~ Excite

Mentality ~ Excite
Pink scattered holo

This is the best of Mentality’s neon holos I’ve tried so far.

The formula is good and covers well; I used two coats for this mani. The drying time between the coats is good. The polish dries up semi matte, so I added a layer of topcoat before I took my photos.

Here’s two coats and a layer of topcoat taken with flash:

It’s not quite so shocking pink in the shadows, but the colour is still nice.

I played a bit with nail guide stickers and a beautiful purple from Essence called Da Vida Loca from the Arriba!-collection. A layer of topcoat completed my mani:

I really like purple and pink together, and I also like when all nails aren’t the same, like here.

How do you like this? Do you like using nail guide stickers for nail art?

This polish is no longer in my possesion. I sent it back after I heard about the issues with the base. I knew I wouldn't dare to wear it again.

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Pretty good
Finish: Semi matte muted holo
Overall impression: The nicest one from the neon holo collection
Buy again: No


  1. It is gorgeous - and I'm glad you bought it from a responsible seller.
    Mentality is so not taking responsibility themselves...

  2. Love your nail art, those colors are a perfect fit!

  3. Lol this is a nice colour but I'm more drawn to the Essence :-D

  4. Both of these colours I lovely <3 It's not fair that this Essence collection wasn't available where I live :D

    1. I think they still available here, let me know if there's anything I can do :D

    2. And now I'm staring at the swatches of these polishes again, I'd so love to have them <3 I don't want to trouble you, but hey, how about a swap? :D

    3. That would be lovely! Send me a message here: and we'll figure something out :)