Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Too Fancy Lacquer ~ Just Look at the Flowers

Too Fancy Lacquer ~ Just Look at the Flowers
Red linear holo

Here’s a polish I actually bought by accident. I was shopping on Color4Nails website for some LE Emily de Molly polishes, and when I went to check out, this one was in my cart as well. I guess I threw it in the cart last time I shopped there, but changed my mind and thought it would disappear from the cart when I signed out again. But it didn’t; it stayed there till next time. And since I wanted to make sure someone didn’t cartjack my haul, I just checked out. And I’m glad I did, because this polish is really pretty.

I’ve got my eyes on reds at the moment, I don’t know if it’s temporary or not, but probably not. And ‘Just Look at the Flowers’ is certainly a really pretty red.

The formula is good and it’s almost a self-applying polish. Two coats is what it takes and the drying time is good.

Two coats, not topcoat, taken with flash.

Oooh yes, give me more rainbows!!

Here’s a daylight picture taken in the shadow. Wow, I love this!

I stamped on it. I found a funny circular motif on Moyou London’s stamping plate Illusion Collection-02 and I stamped with Barry M’s Lilac Foil. I topcoated the whole thing and then I took pictures of the final mani:

Shadow picture:

I like this polish a lot and am happy that I accidentally bought it, hahaha! :D

Number of coats: 2
Drying time: Very good
Finish: Linear holo
Overall impression: Great quality, cool colour, fantastic rainbows!  
Buy again: Yes


  1. i agree whit the others its very beautyfull!!!

  2. Amazing and I like the swirls :-D

  3. It is indeed a lovely shade of red!

  4. Well I'm having a craze on reds at the moment too. And I'm going to have to blame you for it. You have shown us some really gorgeous reds lately and this is no exception! Thanks :)

    1. I remember when the first red holos came on the market, none of them were really red. Now there are some really gorgeous reds, so I take full responsibility for your (and my) red phase! :D